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Blockchain Smart-Contract Developer

  • : £60,000 - £85,000
  • : Permanent
  • : London
  • : Blockchain Start Up

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Meteor node.js Blaze React Angular2 Blockchain Ethereum

Job Specification

Join a small, dynamic and truly world-class blockchain team and help write the history of future generations. Join us in designing and implementing a truly first-of-its-kind protocol and develop expertise in a field that could become the single most important part of computer science and finance for society in the 21st century. Help create revolutionary smart contracts and rewrite the rules of programming.

Key responsibilities:
Working with a high degree of motivated independence on one of a number of key sub-components of our platform, including documentation, testing, refactoring, integrating and polishing. You will manage your own time wisely within our Scrum workflow, splitting between technology research, programming and integration, developer-community liaising and maintenance. Though you will be assigned to a particular portion of the project as a whole, you will be expected to develop a broad understanding of all technologies and interfaces involved, and, where necessary contribute to their improvement and design.

Key skills:

  • Joining our highly motivated and resourceful team, you will be expected to demonstrate adaptivity and learning abilities.
  • You will have a strong grounding in JavaScript frameworks such as Meteor,node.js and Blaze, knowledge in React or Angular2 beneficial.
  • Experience or understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Solidity and p2p networks (any experience with formal verification is a bonus)
  • Solidity testing experience, understanding of at least two of the following: Truffle, Mocha.js, Jasmine.js, Chai.js
  • Development experience and interaction with Melon protocol
  • Understanding of common algorithms and design patterns
  • Additionally, you will need to have interest in one or more of the following domains: Cryptography, security and privacy.
  • Developer interfaces, programming environments, debugging and tools.
  • Hedge funds/VC funds and asset management. * Background in a hard science, engineering or mathematics.
  • A github account with evidence of open-source project commits (Ideally in a Blockchain and/or Ethereum related project)
  • Software Versioning and Github Workflow Experience

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Background in a hard science, engineering or mathematics.
  • A github account with evidence of open-source project commits.
  • Demonstrable ability to show wide-field understanding of problems.
  • Experience of Agile methodology & related practices including Scrum.
  • Philosophical alignment with the Open Source and/or Free Software movements.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Exceptional self-motivation and discipline.
  • Eagerness to continuously learn and improve
  • A holistic attitude to code maintenance.
  • Ability to work in pair programming / prototyping, critiquing and responding to feedback.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, respond to feedback and work well with others

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